XA30 validation dataset

Hu Cheng, Isaiah Innis, and Daniel Levitas have provided a public dataset acquired on a Siemens Prisma Fit running XA30. Siemens scanners running V-series software (which generate classic DICOMs with proprietary CSA headers) are being upgraded to XA30 (which generate enhanced DICOM with sequence details using public tags).

I have tried my best to create rich BIDS sidecars based on these images. This would be a great opportunity for other users to make suggestions for the DICOM to BIDS conversion and validate my work.

Some conversion features are only supported by the development branch (v20220707) of dcm2niix. This will become the next stable release after the community has a chance for comments. You can compile your own copy of this with the following commands:

$ git clone --branch development https://github.com/rordenlab/dcm2niix
$ cd dcm2niix/console
$ make
Chris Rorden's dcm2niiX version v1.0.20220707  ...