Xcp_d does not write output files

Hi everyone I want to run the latest xcp_d version but I wonder why it does not write any output files!
Can somebody help me?

I attached code and log file.
xcp_d-log.txt (89.4 KB)
xcp.txt (493 Bytes)


docker run --rm -it \
    -v /Volumes/encrypteddata/SPRINT/Majid-analysis-test/MethodComp1/OUTPUT/out/fmriprep:/in/ \
    -v /Volumes/encrypteddata/SPRINT/Majid-analysis-test/MethodComp1/WD4:/wkdir/ \
    -v /Volumes/encrypteddata/SPRINT/Majid-analysis-test/MethodComp1/SCR4:/scrth/ \
    -v /Volumes/encrypteddata/SPRINT/Majid-analysis-test/MethodComp1/OUTPUT/out4:/out. \
    madisoth/xcp_d:latest /in/ /out/ participant -p acompcor_gsr -f 0.5 -r 35 --smoothing 6 --lower-bpf 0.01 --upper-bpf 0.08 --nthreads 8

It looks like you mounted your output directory to /out. with Docker, but the output directory for the xcp_d was /out/. Is it possible that that discrepancy is why you didn’t get any files written to your output folder?