XCP Issue on a particular scan

We have been having an issue getting a general XCP pipeline to work on a particular scan. We have attempted to run this scan in a batch and individually and both times it fails at the same point. These scans have been preprocessed by fmriprep.

After using the -t2 and -t3 options to increase the verbosity of the output I discovered that the issue occurred while temporally filtering images in the confound module sub task. I am unsure if this is related to a deficiency in scan quality or if this is due to another reason. Every other scan processed in the same way had no issues. My universities computing center thought there might be an issue between the frame wise displacement confound fmriprep provides and what confound is doing having seen a similar issue, however I’m unsure what to check or how to resolve this and they suggested this forum for further help.

I’m new to this research so if there’s more information that would be helpful I can include it however I was unsure what to include

Hi, and welcome to neurostars!

If you have preprocessed data from fmriprep, you might want to use XCP_D. Can you try that and report back if you still get errors?