XCPEngine Group and Task Contrasts


I am trying to perform a seed-to-voxel connectivity analysis with XCP. I have run all my data through fMRIPrep. I have two groups of subjects performing two tasks. I want to see where these two groups differ in terms of the connectivites differences between the tasks. In other words, I want to see where, from a given seed, Group1_(task1>task2) > Group2_(task1>task2). I know XCP has a “seed” and “task” module, but, as a new user of XCP, I am unsure how I should pipe outputs from one to the other, if that is indeed what I should do. Would anyone here know how to navigate this?


Hi @Steven,

I am not 100% sure, whether I got your question correct, but if you have an a-priori seed region for which you want to calculate FC to the “rest” of the brain and compare between grous - I assume the seed module is what you are looking for. See e.g., here Seed-based connectivity with mask (using singularity) · Issue #338 · PennBBL/xcpEngine · GitHub how the design file was implemented to run seed-FC after denoising etc.

Hope this helps!


Hi Dominik,

Thanks for the reply! I am aware of the seed module, but my question was more geared towards second-level analyses. I was wondering if XCPEngine could facilitate a between-group gPPI analysis, and if so, what the order of operations would be.