Your take on the problem of reproducibility in modern computational neuroscience?

recently I’ve been researching literature on the topic of reproducibility (robustness, repeatability, etc.) of preprocessing pipelines in MRI research.

As I am merely a CS student not well versed in this problematic, I was wondering what are some “everyday” problems you as professionals in the field of neuroscience encounter that could be attributed to a lack of transparency and low reproduciblity of this field?

Furthermore, how can people like me (stronger tech skills, but not much domain knowledge of neuroscience) help with creating an environment in which it is easier to do reproducible research than it is right now? attempts to solve many of the accessibility and reproducibility problems in Neuroimaging - if you are keen to help we are always looking for contributors:)

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Woah, that’s an awesome project, thank you for introducing it to me!
I’ll try to play around with it and see how I could contribute :smiley: