A Question about Fmri data,TR and Time points

hi, this is kind of a basic question but i am new to this field, so I’m sorry!
I have a Fmri dataset, its onset time ends in 633 seconds. in the nii header file, the time dimension is 210. TR :3000ms and TE:30ms.
I know that TR is the length of time between corresponding consecutive points on a repeating series of pulses and echoes(copied!)
does this mean that each points of the 210 time dim is actually 3 seconds based on the onset time?
for example the first signals from the first point in 210 would be 0 to 3 sec in the experiment?

This means that the first volume was acquired slice-by slice from T0 to T0 + 3s, the second from T0 + 3 to T0 + 6s, …, the 210th from T0 + 627 to T0 + 630s.
Note that slices are acquired in turn, during each interval of 3s.