Adjusting for negative MosaicRefAcqTimes (issue 271) despite latest version of dcm2niix

Hi everybody! I’m new here so apologies in advance if this is a stupid question, I just have not been able to solve this issue despite looking around in several forums for this issue.

When I attempt to convert my motion corrected Siemens files using dcm2niix, I get the error messages “Warning: Adjusting for negative MosaicRefAcqTimes (issue 271).
Warning: Assuming mosaics saved in reverse order due to ‘sSliceArray.ucImageNumb’”

I’ve looked around at this issue and I can see that this is a known issue reported on Github. This post says that it will be fixed in the latest branch of dcm2niix. I do have the latest version of the software (v1.0.20220720), but I’m still getting the error. Is this something that I can ignore or is it a problem that I need to address?

Are your slice timings correct in your BIDS .json sidecar? It is the file generated along with the .nii files. As far as I remember, this warning just indicates dcm2niix is adjusting the negative slice timings. So your slice timings should be fine.