Analyzing func.gii files with SPM12

Has anyone had any success performing a basic, 1st-level analysis of gifti surface files in SPM12? Or, can someone point me to a bit of documentation on GLMs with surface files (in SPM12)? I have files that were generated during preprocessing with fmriprep. I had hoped that this would be as simple as replacing a regular call to

matlabbatch{1}.spm.stats.fmri_spec.sess.scans = {'[filename].nii,1' '[filename].nii,2', ...}


matlabbatch{1}.spm.stats.fmri_spec.sess.scans = {'[filename].func.gii'}, but SPM12 seems to have trouble recognizing the .func.gii filetype (see output below).

Running 'fMRI model specification’
Warning: Cannot recognise format. Trying Analyze.

In read_hdr_raw (line 50)
In read_hdr (line 30)
In nifti (line 26)
In spm_select>spm_select_get_nbframes (line 268)
In spm_select>spm_select_expand (line 254)
In spm_select (line 130)
In spm_run_fmri_spec (line 125)
In cfg_run_cm (line 29)
In cfg_util>local_runcj (line 1688)
In cfg_util (line 959)
In cfg_ui>MenuFileRun_Callback (line 703)
In gui_mainfcn (line 95)
In cfg_ui (line 53)
Failed 'fMRI model specification’
Error using read_hdr (line 52)
Unrecognised datatype (30583.000000) for “D:\git\fMRI\ntf\data\derivatives\fmriprep\sub-01\func\sub-01_task-loc_run-01_bold_space-fsnative.L.func.gii”.
In file “D:\documents\MATLAB\toolbox\spm12@nifti\private\read_hdr.m” (v4967), function “read_hdr” at line 52.
In file “D:\documents\MATLAB\toolbox\spm12@nifti\nifti.m” (v4986), function “nifti” at line 26.
In file “D:\documents\MATLAB\toolbox\spm12\spm_select.m” (v6530), function “spm_select_get_nbframes” at line 268.
In file “D:\documents\MATLAB\toolbox\spm12\spm_select.m” (v6530), function “spm_select_expand” at line 254.
In file “D:\documents\MATLAB\toolbox\spm12\spm_select.m” (v6530), function “spm_select” at line 130.
In file “D:\documents\MATLAB\toolbox\spm12\config\spm_run_fmri_spec.m” (v6562), function “spm_run_fmri_spec” at line 125.

No executable modules, but still unresolved dependencies or incomplete module inputs.
The following modules did not run:
Failed: fMRI model specification`

Note that I’m able to load the files with a call to

func = gifti('filename.func.gii');

and display them overlayed on the surface files:

surf = gifti('');

figure; plot(surf,func);

Thanks for your time

Working in a fresh install of SPM12, Matlab2016b, Windows 10

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