Announcing the Center for Multimodal Neuroimaging Virtual Workshop on PET-MRI

Announcing the Center for Multimodal Neuroimaging Workshop on PET-MRI

PET and fMRI provide two separate and partially overlapping methods for neuroimaging. While PET relies on metabolic processing as measured by the dissipation of radioactive isotopes, MRI measures changes in blood oxygenation level (BOLD). Each method is useful for providing a quantitative metrics for brain function and dysfunction useful in the diagnosis and understanding of clinical brain disorders and normal development. The combination of methods adds values where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Much work in advancing research with combined PET-MRI has been done, and the invited experts in this workshop discuss these advances and avenues of research.

The pre-recorded workshop is available for streaming on NIH Videocast (NIH VideoCast - NIMH Workshop on PET-MRI) today. We will have a follow up roundtable discussion with the speakers on Zoom this fall. Anyone interested in participating or asking questions at the virtual roundtable is encouraged to register using the link on the workshop page (NIMH Workshop on PET-MRI | Center for Multimodal Neuroimaging).