Any open source software to generate individualized functional networks/conduct precision functional mapping from fMRI data?


We have lots of fMRI data on subjects in our studies, and rather than using an atlas that doesn’t account for individual differences in functional network topography, I was hoping to generate a functional network map for each individual. I thought maybe in the papers of Dosenbach, Gordon, or Yeo I would be able to find such software, but I wasn’t able to find anything.

Does this sort of software–or at least a tutorial on how to perform this on your own dataset–exist?

Many thanks.

Maybe the tool that goes with this paper does something similar to what you imagine: CBPtools: a Python package for regional connectivity-based parcellation - PubMed

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Hi, you can always run ICA, dictionary learning or clustering on individual data. There are some tolls for that e.g. in Nilearn. But the difficulty is to have something which remains consistent across individuals, i.e. a one-to-one matching of structure.
As explained in From deep brain phenotyping to functional atlasing - Archive ouverte HAL, you can do that with dictionary learning, if you have the same contrasts observed in each individual.