Approach to "converting" Yeo-Schaefer parcel coordinates to traditional cortical regions

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Newbie to imaging analysis here. I’m seeking some advice as to how to approach (if at all) “converting” Yeo-Schaefer (Y-S) parcel coordinates to traditionally named cortical regions. I’ve used LQT to embed lesions masks and examine various atlas-derived measures of damage.

My problem: I understand that Y-S shared the MNI coordinates of each parcel here. I would like to use their atlas’ delineation of networks, but for my analysis, I also want to manually select ROIs from a nebulous network (the proposed “language network”) that has only been defined in the literature by traditional/i.e., anatomical names for cortical regions (e.g., left inferior frontal gyrus pars triangularis).

I have seen some papers using this atlas (for different topics) show a table in which they’ve “converted” the parcel coordinates using the MNI coordinates given by Y-S to canonical names by cross-referencing another atlas (e.g., AAL3).

Not quite sure what the best approach is (perhaps using a different reference atlas?), so any advice is appreciated.

Try this tool!

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