Auditory database

I’m currently looking for an auditory decoding database. I’ve searched openfmri and other websites
but I couldn’t find anything except well-known genre classification of hank et al. (I studied hank’s database before ! )
would you please share with me any database that maybe could help me.
thank you :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “auditory decoding database”? fMRI datasets with auditory stimuli?

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I mean fmri datasets with “decodable” auditory stimuli , like genre .

Do you need access to the raw auditory stimuli that were used in the experiment?

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reconstruction isn’t my purpose. I just want to classify different type of stimulus .

I mean not necessarily…
although access to raw stimuli is very good !

Check out

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as I told I’m totally familiar with this dataset (I studied hank’s database before ! ) ,
don’t you know anything except this one ?

Oh sorry - I was confused by the incorrect spelling of the author name you used - its Hanke not Hank. No other dataset fitting this description comes to my mind right now, but you can try to extract decodable features from sound files or transcripts in this dataset

oh what a bad mistake !
thank you for your help
I’ll check it :slight_smile: