Between subject searchlight decoding statistics

Hi All,

I have run a searchlight decoding analysis using the TDT between subjects template. I would now like to assess the statistical significance (using the same method reported in the paper TDT by Hebart et al., 2014) but I am having trouble wrapping my head around this process and was hoping someone might be able to help me understand.

I have set up a permutation test using the below code. However, I am unsure how to now extract the critical cut-off accuracy and determine the cluster size for a predetermined cluster-level corrected p value? Any help or guidance to other resources would be amazing!

% run permutation testing
[results,cfg] = decoding(cfg);% run previously prepared decoding = make_design_permutation(cfg, 1000, 1); % creates one design with 1000 permutations
[reference,cfg] = decoding(cfg); % run permutations
cfg.stats.test = 'permutation'; % set test
cfg.stats.tail = 'right'; % set tail of statistical correction
cfg.stats.output = 'accuracy_minus_chance'; % choose from all original outputs
p = decoding_statistics(cfg,results,reference);

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