BIDS formating for absolute beginners, resting-state fmri data

Dear community,

My apologies for the amateur question, I am just getting started; I hope that by solving it with such a low knowledge level, the hurdle to join for other users (maybe without an account yet, or aspiring researchers) can be lowered as a nice side-effect:

I checked the BIDS specification pdf, but I seem to need more specific, basic help.

My goal: convert already collected data into a BIDS compatible structure to use fMRIPrep on resting-state data; no other task, and only one run per subject.

My folder structure is as follows:

ashes → Macintosh HD → Project → “sub-08” AND “participants.tsv” → anat → sub-08_task-rest_T1w.nii

ashes → Macintosh HD → Project → “sub-08” AND “participants.tsv” ->func → sub-08_task-rest_fmri.nii AND sub-08_task-rest_fmri.json

I intend to run fMRIPrep for only one subject as a personal start.

The .json file includes a lot of data including TaskName, VolumeTiming, EchoTime, etc.
The participants.tsv file is almost empty and was included because of a BIDS Validator’s error message; it includes participant_id, age, sex with values sub-08, n/a, n/a; respectively.

BIDS Validator (online) gives me 3 errors in 4 files if I upload the folder “Project” (=8 files) (compare above).

Thank you for reading and sticking with me until here, hope I didn’t evoke too much disgust :stuck_out_tongue:

Rather than try to rename all the files manually, you might be best served using an automatic converting process from the original DICOMS to BIDS. Do you have access to the original DICOMS? If so, using dcm2bids might be worth looking into.

If not, I would note that there is no task label in anatomical images. Also, the functional images should be sub-08_task-rest_bold.nii.gz/json

You should also include a dataset_description.json file, you can see example here:

also, in func, the expected suffix is _bold{.nii/.json}

EDIT: sorry it is a duplicate of what Steven just wrote.