Brain Network Analysis

I am totally new here and I have little knowledge of brain network analysis.
Kindly help me out with the following(where can I learn these topics/ how to do them?)

  1. Pre-process some open-source functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data sets and estimate networks from atlases such as AAL and Gordon.

  2. For the above data sets, create a R/Python script that reads in each of the data sets and then estimates some graph summary statistics such as small worldness, modularity, clustering coefficients, etc for some of the networks.

  1. I recommend using fMRIPrep to preprocess fMRI data sets.
  2. Then you can use the python toolbox Nilearn to create the atlas networks and extract graph theory metrics

Both of these tools are well-documented, and several users on this forum use one or both of them. Hope this helps!



Adding networkx to the stack for network measures.

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Hey Steven.
Thank you for the answer but, actually, I am totally new to the fMRI field and have no idea how to use fmriprep or Nilearn.
If there is a video I can refer to or any material, it would be great.

The websites I linked have setup instructions, but here’s a series of videos on fmriprep

The Nilearn website has plenty of tutorials too.