Buggy SDC correction with Syn-SDC – version 21.0.2

Testing the Syn-SDC fieldmap-less functionality, the output of the SDC seems quite buggy. Using the fMRIPrep v21.0.1 I got weird result when rerunning the fMRIPrep on the same subject, where the SDC correction just seemed to fail on the second run. Updating to 21.0.2 version, hoping the bug would go away, I tested again on the same subject and again got a weird output from the SDC correction. Is it known to be this inconsistent? (Link to folder the with SDC correction: SDC example – Google Drive)

Hello @gusma ,

I have opened an issue on github regarding this topic, since I am also getting similiar outputs with SyN in my dataset Incorrect/dark functional images after SDC with SyN · Issue #2777 · nipreps/fmriprep · GitHub.


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