Can single-echo data be separated from multi-echo data?


I acquired a series of multi-echo fMRI data, with four echoes in each TR.

I would like to know whether all the data corresponding to a certain TE value in this series of data can be separated and analyzed as single echo data.

Sure. If you organized your data according to BIDS, you can choose the TE closest to a typical TE for your magnet’s strength (e.g., 30 ms for 3T) and remove the echo- entity from the filenames.

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As @tsalo notes, each TE is typically a separate file and you can just select one to analyze. That said, if you have multiple echoes, there are fancier analysis methods, but taking the average or weighted-average of the echoes is fairly simple and should improve results. A common weighted-average is sometimes call the “optimal combination” and can be calculated in tedana, AFNI, and other packages.