Career options in neuroimaging outside of academia

I apologize for raising a career question on this site which is mostly research oriented. I am looking for some guidance in choosing the right places in the industry to work in neuroimaging.
I started learning neuroimaging techniques about a year ago and picked up basic techniques using various openly available tools and software. I also followed the book ‘Statistical analysis of fmri data’ by Gregory Ashby and quickly realized i needed sound statistical background. I took courses such as ‘Introduction to Statistical learning’ by Prof.Trevor Hastie and right now, i can with some confidence apply statistical techniques to fmri data. I am looking at positions in the industry that deal with fmri analysis using statistical techniques. Unfortunately i do not have a PhD but do have a masters degree in CS. I was wondering if the experts here can provide some guidance and perhaps name a few companies around the globe that do some work in this space.

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