Convert EEG and MRI Data in BIDS simultaneously

Hey folks,

I am currently doing a simultaneous EEG-fMRI measurement and want to transform my data set in BIDS. Right now I have transformed my MRI data with heudiconv, and my EEG data with mne_bids but this results in two different BIDS sets. Do you know any opportunity to combine the conversion or the datasets to one big BIDS data set which includes MRI and EEG data?

I would be very happy to hear any suggestions or ideas!

Thanks a lot!



Not aware of any converter that does both at once.

Assuming to that sub-X in your EEG dataset corresponds to sub-X in your fMRI dataset, you could for example just move the eeg folder of each subject at the same level as the func folder in your fMRI dataset.

One thing that might need scripting or manual work are the scans.tsv files, which would require to be concatenated across both datasets.


thanks a lot for your response!
I will do it like this, thank you!


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