Convolving HRF function for movie stimuli in frmi?

I am analyzing fMRI data involving a movie clip and resting state - is there a method for convolving the HRF function for a continuous BOLD timeseries (i.e., not tied to events)?

Hi @avannucci,

You might be interested in Improving the accuracy of single-trial fMRI response estimates using GLMsingle | eLife if you are looking at particular parts of the movie. Or you can consider techniques such as intersubject correlation which just use the BOLD signal to draw inferences.


do you mean you have both:

  • resting state runs (where the subject “does nothing”)
  • runs where the subject watches a movie?

or just

  • runs where the subject watches a movie?

the latter - i have one run in which the subject watches a movie clip

the GLMsingle application looks interesting and seems like a potential option, but from what i can tell it’s only been used in the visual processing domain. would it be too much of a leap to apply to affective/social event processing?

Hard to say without knowing what your questions are, but I don’t see why it has to be restricted to visual!

OK short of annotating your “stimuli” to create events I am not sure how to do this.

I know it is doable in a fairly automatic manner but not done it myself: