Current state of the art for Alzehimer's classification(binary, i.e. AD v/s CN) using fMRI timeseries data


Does anyone know the current state of the art classification performance for classification of Alzehimer’s from Cognitively Normal controls. Please share the results and the paper claiming those results


You might find the following articles to be helpful in your literature search:

Frizzell, Tory O., et al. “Artificial intelligence in brain MRI analysis of Alzheimer’s disease over the past 12 years: A systematic review.” Ageing Research Reviews (2022): 101614.

Ibrahim, Buhari, et al. “Diagnostic power of resting‐state fMRI for detection of network connectivity in Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment: A systematic review.” Human brain mapping 42.9 (2021): 2941-2968.