Dcm2bids - New release - 3.0.2

We could not be more proud of the 3.0.2 dcm2bids release :blush: .

We would like to thank everybody who came to our poster during OHBM 2023 in Montreal, Canada.

We put everything we’ve learned from our past experiences and listen to all our users’ ideas (including those from OHBM2023) into this version.

You can download dcm2bids directly:

Reorganize your NIFTI files without the needs for the dicom files.
Advanced searching criterias such as extractors combined with custom entities, the ability to compare floats or the auto_extract_entities option directly accessible from dcm2bids command will make the conversion to BIDS smoother than ever and significantly reduce the complexity and the length of your configuration file especially for multi-site acquisitions.

We highly encourage you to dive into the documentation since we added quite a lot of new features.

Please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback using this #240.

Thank you again for all our users who contributed in some ways to this release. Thank you @SamGuay for the long discussions and late debug sessions. :tada: