Dcm2bis parallel error

Hey everyone.

I have one question because im trying to run dcm2bids with GNU parallel for 200 subjects, but it seems to have an error when it is running dcm2bids. It says: catrastophic error: found 3840 but expected 3880 slices. Next, cite the PARREC dir and says error unknown not magnitude, real, imaginary or phase (even the tmp dcm2bids have those files!!), and doesn’t convert the dicom files to bids…but only for some specific subjects, not all of them.

The thing is i have in the subjects folder different files such as: DICOM and PARREC file. Do you think this is the reason for what it is getting an error? Also, do I have to do dcm2bids helper even if there are 200 subjects and im working with GNU parallel?

Thank you in advance!

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