Dcm2niix no longer extracts EchoTrainLength?

Summary of what happened:

Our lab had been using dcm2niix v1.0.20200331 to convert dicoms for our Siemens Prisma 3d-QALAS scans into nii format. That 2020 version of the software did, and still does, extract the dicom header field “EchoTrainLength” into the .json sidecar. We recently updated to dcm2niix v1.0.20230411 via conda-forge, and EchoTrainLength is no longer included in the .json.

Command used (and if a helper script was used, a link to the helper script or the command generated):

dcm2niix [directory name]


dcm2niix v1.0.20200331 and dcm2niix v1.0.20230411

Environment (Docker, Singularity, custom installation):

The 2020 version is part of our institutionally-managed BioGrids installation. The 2023 version was installed using miniconda via the conda-forge channel.

Screenshots / relevant information:

The field EchoTrainLength is specific to dcm2niix and is not defined by BIDS. Without seeing a sample to understand the manufacturer, it is hard to provide a firm answer. However, I suspect that the DICOM tag 0018,0091 or 0018,9241 is buried in a SQ leading dcm2niix to be unsure if it applies to the main image. If you want more details, you should send a sample image to my institutional email and generate an issue on Github not neurostars.

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