Developer position for Nilearn

We are hiring a developer to work on Nilearn. Specifically, we want to improve Nilearn’s connectivity with other tools in the ecosystem, especially BIDS standards, to facilitate the analysis of BIDS-organised datasets. More generally, we would like to automate more of the key analytical steps in Nilearn to improve the user experience. We also want to improve the interactive visualisation tools with the integration of NiiVue, and aim to improve the performance of some Nilearn functionality based on profiling/memory management analysis, use of GPU computing, etc.
A secondary task is to build robust neuroimaging data pre-processing pipelines for the MIND team, for data coming from our collaborating institutions. These pipelines will mainly deal with functional and diffusion MRI. The pipelines will be based on tools such as Fmriprep, Nilearn, Dipy, ANTs and FreeSurfer. Beyond the basic use of these powerful tools, we need to add steps for quality control of the output or special adaptations for the pathological cases in our collaboration, such as brain tumours.

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