dHCP infant data downloading issue

Hi @Jianliang,

It appears that due to prolonged inactivity, my account has also been disabled. The specific message I received is:

“Your account is not currently enabled, possibly due to inactivity. Enter your email address to send a reactivation email.”

Following the instructions, I entered my email inbox and received the reactivation email. However, upon clicking the provided link in the email, there was no apparent effect or change to my account status.

Could you please help me re-enable my account?
Username: jiangchao


Chao Jiang


Last Friday I registered to access the data set, activated my account through the link provided but I’m still unable to log in.

I get the following message:

Your login attempt failed because the username and password combination you provided was invalid or your user already has the maximum number of user sessions open. After 5 failed login attempts, your user account will be locked. If you believe your account is currently locked, you can:

  • Unlock it by resetting your password
  • Wait one hour for it to unlock automatically

Could you please help?

Thank you and kind regards,

Hello, I have been accessing the development HCP data for a few days but today I tried to log in and keep getting a “502 Bad Gateway” error. Is the website experiencing issues, or is this a personal problem? Thanks.

Hi @Jianliang
I’ve been downloading the dHCP 3rd data release for about 2 months. But the download wasn’t in any progress since about 1 month ago, with a total progress of 99.99%. It seems that some of the files can never be reached. I’ve tried change my network environment, restart my torrent downloader and restart my computer, but none of these tries worked.
Is there any advice on how to get those 0.01% files? Thanks!
Best regards,

Hi @Jianliang - i am having the same problem reactivating my account as mentioned by several people above. Could you please re-enable my account? In addition I am also getting a “503 Bad Gateway” error when I am trying to access https://data.developingconnectome.org/

Sorry, it is 502 Bad Gateway

Hi all,

Below is a link for downloading dHCP data from NIMH Data Archive, rather than going through the torrent system currently used.

Please let us know if there is anything unclear about the instructions.

Best wishes,

Logan, @EmmaR, @Jianliang


Thanks for your reply @lzjwilliams !
the instructions are clear, however downloading the data from the NIMH Data Archive means that one’s institution needs to have a US Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) and an US-recognized IRB. Not all European Universities/Research Institutes have this. My university (I’m based at University of Vienna, Austria) is currently in the process of setting these things up, so your solution unfortunately doesn’t work form me. Isn’t there any other way to access the data?

Many thanks in advance!
Best wishes,