Effect of fMRI noise canceling headphones

Dear fMRI experts,
I recently tested the adaptive noise-canceling headphone in our fMRI scanner, and I found that without wearing earplugs, the noise of the scanner can still be quite high. When the scanner stops, I do hear pulses of sound still generated by the headphone at the interval of the TR, which I assume is supposed to counteract the noise of EPI sequence.
For those of you who have used such noise-canceling headphones, I wonder whether the need to still wear earplugs is expected for such devices?
Our distributor of the system didn’t seem to know any other way to verify the device is functioning well. I wonder if anyone knows anyway to verify that such system has reached the level of effect that it is supposed to reach?

Thank you very much!

Ahoi hoi @lcnature,

thank you very much for posting this interesting question.

Before we actually dive into this important topic, could you maybe share a bit more information regarding your setup so that folks here can provide respective pointers and help? For example: model and make of headphones, data acquisition protocol, stimuli, etc. ?

Cheers, Peer

Dear Peer,
Thank you very much! Here is the link to the product: http://www.optoacoustics.com/medical/optoactive/features
I am using multi-echo EPI with multi-band enabled. Stimuli are either movie or music.


Hi @PeerHerholz just wondering if you have any insights. Thanks!