Extracting time series from fMRI BIDS data


I’m a Computer Science graduate student and new to the data processing in Neuroscience. For my research, I am required to work with fMRI time series but haven’t been able to find the data in online repositories. I know the extraction of time series from imaging data requires a lot of preprocessing, which I don’t have knowledge about. If anyone could help me out with this, and let me know how to get ahead with preprocessing or if they could tell me about any online repository that has the fMRI time series data, it would be a great help. Thank you!

  1. Preprocess your data with: https://fmriprep.readthedocs.io
  2. Use the outputs in MNI space and follow this tutorial for extracting timeseries: http://nilearn.github.io/connectivity/functional_connectomes.html

Thank you very much!

Check out https://openneuro.org/public/datasets.


Thanks for your help!
I am stuck with one more confusion at this point. I found a few repositories referring to 1000 or 3000 ROI extracted time-courses in the preprocessed data which are in the form of 236x954 matrices. Are those the time-series?

Thanks in advance!