Fmriprep: Error in ubuntu 22.04 when want to open html files in outpout

Hello, Chris, @effigies

I am using ubuntu 22.04
the output was lock
I used the chm 777 and for permission
now when I want to open any html files in the output I face this eeror;

Access to the file was denied

The file at /home/roya/outputmp14/sub-mp0014.html is not readable.

It may have been removed, moved, or file permissions may be preventing access.

The images in figures file are opened, but in different shape that I have through the ubuntu 20.04;

May the reason for this problem be that the installed packages are not compatible with Ubuntu 22, for example Freesurfer or Afni or anything else?

It would be grateful if there is any suggestion for me.
I appreciate your time and help.


Hi. This isn’t going to be enough information for someone to debug your issue. There’s an fMRIPrep bug report template you can use to guide you through the information needed to assess the situation.

In this case, in addition to the fMRIPrep commands you ran, you’ll also want the commands you used when moving/changing permissions of files, and you’ll probably want something like the output of ls -lR on the output directory.