fMRIPrep erros and troubleshooting

I ran fMRIPrep docker and three subjects turned out to be failure out of 15 participants.
I used fMRIPrep 1.5.0. version and the error messages saved in the html file was below.




What are these errors? Is there any documentations that I can get information about errors?
In addition, how can I fix theses errors?

When reporting here, it is helpful to know:

  • Your platform (I can see docker, did you use fmriprep-docker?)
  • The exact command line you used
  • The output from fmriprep (maybe redirecting the outputs to a file when running the command line?).

Then, additionally, on the html reports you can expand those errors by just clicking on those names you just copied over our post. That will give you extra info that will be very useful for us to diagnose your problem.