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I just starting to use fMRIprep for my data analysis. I currently analyzing a dataset for children, and was wondering whether it would be possible to change the normalization template from MNI to a paediatric atlas template, in the pipeline? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Have a look at - we would love your help implementing this.

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Thank you! I will head over there right now!

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This would be a great addition for those of us working with children!
Did you manage to find a workaround for normalising your data to a child template whilst still using fmriprep?

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Hi @JoffJones, do you have a template you would like to use? We would be happy to work with you to make this usable in fMRIPrep.



Hi @effigies, thank you for offering your support! I believe that one of your colleagues has already signposted a paediatric template to be used in fMRIPrep on the GitHub page:

Covering 4.5-18.5 years this would be versatile for a number child/adolescent imaging studies, and would be suitable for our current work in a similarly aged sample.

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