fMRIPrep_Tedana_ted_OC output


I’ve manage to extract minimally pre-processed individual echoes from fMRIPrep’s workflow directory, and feed it into Tedana. Tedana runs well with the following command:

tedana -d sub-TF10_task-dcPT1_echo-1_space-native_desc-partialPreproc_bold.nii.gz
-e 15.0 31.07 47.14
–tedpca kundu
–out-dir /home/…/…/…/sub-TF10/dcPT1/Output/.

The issue I’m having is with the dn_ts_OC.nii file. When I overlay this image with the individual echo image, the top and bottom sections of the brain seems to have been ‘cut-off’ (see image below). Is there a reason why the field-of-view is reduced in the OC.nii image despite e1-e3 having a full brain?


I’ve also noticed a similar output here (Image orientation changed after running tedana). Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.