FSL to run Dual_Regression on SHERLOCK- multiple errors

Hi all! I am attempting to run the fsl dual_regression command on my concat-ICA data.
First, I was getting errors about “unable to make drA” directory. Now, it won’t run at all.

Here is my command:

ml biology labs poldrack fsl/5.0.10
srun dual_regression /home/groups/cbohon/FAB/analysis/rest/ICA/preliminary++++.gica/groupmelodic.ica/melodic_IC.nii.gz 1
53_ICA_GLM.mat 53_ICA_GLM.con 5000
53_ICA.dr ‘cat home/groups/cbohon/FAB/analysis/rest/ICA/preliminary++++.gica/filelist.txt’

Thank you so much!!!