Functional dHCP pipeline

Dear all,

I’m attempting to run the rsfMRI dHCP pipeline on our own data. Unfortunately, we don’t have a fieldmap, and I am currently unable to run the pipeline. Is there a workaround?

Many thanks in advance!

Best wishes,

Hi Fem

The dHCP fMRI pipeline is very dependent on having a field map. It would, in principle, be possible to run without a field map but would require tweaking of the code.

If you have collected diffusion data, with two B0’s with opposing phase-encode direction, then the pipeline will work with that?

If you have not, then I will have to evaluate how extensive the changes required to support running without field maps are.

Cheers, Sean

Many thanks for the prompt reply, Sean!

Yes, I was thinking about using the DTI as well. But it’s older data, and we don’t have B0’s with AP/PA phase-encoding.
It would be great if you could evaluate the feasibility of changing the code. Or maybe you have recommendations of using a different pipeline/tool?

Best wishes,

Dear Sean,

Just touching base for a quick update on this issue. If you could let me know whether it’s possible to change the code, would be appreciated!

Best wishes, Femke

Hi Femke

Sorry for the delay. I have started making the necessary mods. I don’t think it will be too onerous and should be able to give you something to test later this week.

Cheers, Sean