Getting data into BIDS format

I’m sure this is a simple question but I haven’t found a good answer for it anywhere. I’m working on getting my lab’s data into BIDS format. We have a script already that converts from DICOM to NIFTI and organizes the files into folders. Now we are just modifying our existing script to have things in an appropriate naming convention.

My question is this… we have been collecting DTI images both A > P and P > A (a B0 verify scan). I know that they get placed into and name with “dwi.” Is there a particular way that these images need to be named?

Thanks in advance

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It depends :slight_smile:

  1. if the P > A scan does not include any diffusion weighting (just B0) and is collected to fix distortions I would put it in the fmap folder with _epi extension and a JSON file including IntendedFor field that points to the A > P scan. See section 8.9.4 of the spec.

  2. if the P > A scan includes diffusion weighting than it belongs to dwi folder. You should use acq- filename keyword to avoid name collisions and distinguish the two acquisitions.

Thanks for you answer @ChrisGorgolewski. The P > A scan does indeed contain diffusion weighting, so I will include it in the DWI folder.

Thanks for the quick response.