GSoC 2020 project idea 24: LORIS: Automated testing

Intro: What is LORIS?

Mentor: Christine Rogers (

Aims: Testing is a key part of LORIS : continuous integration testing is run via GitHub on Travis. Unit test coverage stands at 90% across most core libraries, as of release 21.

The project will consist of the following stages/activity types:

  1. Familiarization with the LORIS software: Learn how LORIS works and is made by participating in development team workflows and release processes.
  2. Review and update Unit test coverage: Learn and update testing to increase overall code coverage and improve both performance and quality
  3. Improve testing database by designing test cases, edge cases and validating sample datasets.
  4. Improve Integration testing: strategically target high-value gaps and improvements in integration and performance testing.
  5. Documentation: Update and build on existing documentation to help with understandability of tests. Simplify testing infrastructure when possible to encourage new developers to get involved in testing.

Knowledge/skills: databasing, git, JavaScript/React, php, phpunit, unix/bash

Hi, I am Areesha Tariq, a final year undergraduate studying Software Engineering from Pakistan. I am interested to work on this project. I have experience in Git, JavaScript, php, end-user documentation, unix/bash, databasing and I would be learning about LORIS and get myself familiarized with it. I would like to get guidance from mentors on this project to help me get started. Looking forward to working with you.

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Hi @crogers, I am Mohini Tripathi, a 3rd-year undergraduate student at IET Bundelkhand University. I’ve prior experience of git, Javascript(ReactJS, ReactNative), PHP and Unix. I’ve also familiarized myself with LORIS software and it’s code-base, currently, I’m working on designing test-cases. I am looking forward to your response.

Hi Areesha, Thanks for your interest!
Let me know what questions you have about our project—
Best, Christine

Hi Mohini,
Thanks for checking out our LORIS project idea. Do you have any questions so far about test cases?
Best, Christine

Hii @crogers, I was writing the proposal for automated testing I wanted to ask:

  1. I work on dual boot. Setting up the software on ubuntu was no problem but there are no instructions regarding setting the software on windows. I wanted to ask if I can add windows configs (wherever required) and instructions to the spare tasks or extra deliverables in project proposal?

@crogers The link given for unit test guide in testing guide is not working…
Does that means we have to make the file or is that some kind of mistake?

Hi Ridhish,
Thanks for your interest – Windows is highly un-recommended in production contexts so that is why we don’t support it. (Similar with Mac.)
It would have to be an unofficial support document, as with the Mac OS install instructions you will find in the repo - your document should be framed similarly.
If you’d like to contribute these, issue a PR as a Proposal and explain why and how many contexts your instructions cover.

Hi Ridhish, Thanks for your observation as well as your email to me.
Could you email me with the exact source where you found the link broken?
Thanks, Christine

Updated links:

Hi @crogers,
I wanted to ask if there something exists as integration test guide?? the unit test guide
If not, can it be added in extra deliverables of the project?

Hi Ridhish,
Great question - yes this would make a great Deliverable for your project proposal. Please do add it.

I have completed the setting up LORIS till make step with all necessities installed. I am stuck at the step which involves browsing <loris-url> . I am quite confused on how to figure out what it can be?