GSoC 2020 project info: What is LORIS?

LORIS is a web-facing data platform for neuroscience research projects, and also supports several Open Science initiatives. Used in 22 countries, researchers collect, curate, and share their data across large studies in a single platform through LORIS, for many different types of data – the brain, behaviour, genes, and more.

Over 40 modules provide research teams with tools to manage their data and workflows – such as the Biobanking module, MRI Quality Control module or the Data Release module.

For open data sharing, LORIS helps optimize the transparency and reliability of well-documented datasets, and hosts large projects like the BigBrain Atlas (

Try the latest LORIS release at and for more information, visit

Our GitHub is :

Working with LORIS:

LORIS is built on a LAMP stack: Linux, MySQL database, PHP backend and JavaScript/React frontend, in addition to a NoSQL querying engine, and the LORIS API.

Working with LORIS involves basic knowledge of unix and MySQL, Javascript, PHP, and git.

We especially encourage those with any background or interest in neuroscience or psychology research, bioinformatics, or image/signal processing to apply.

How we work:

LORIS is made by a diverse team of 20 developers at the McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience in Montreal who also spend time on specific research projects. We use GitHub ( to collaborate intensively on PRs, discuss and log issues, and manage specific roadmaps. We also use Slack, a public support mailing list, and hold open meetings every Tuesday. On our GitHub you’ll find documentation and setup guides as well as the master branch and any imminent release branches. We release every 1-2 months and spend a few weeks team-testing every major release.

LORIS mentors project ideas 24, 25, 26 and 27. Contact: Christine Rogers

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We have 4 LORIS project Ideas this year –

Important: Email your CV & describe your interest in one or more of these to before the application deadline March 30.

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I have completed the setting up LORIS till make step with all necessities installed. I am stuck at the step which involves browsing <loris-url>. I am quite confused on how to figure out what it can be?