GSoC 2020 project idea 25: LORIS: API development and documentation

Intro: What is LORIS?

Mentor: Christine Rogers (

Aims: Improve API-related functionality and usability for LORIS and Loris-MRI.

Develop workflow templates, notebooks for Jupyterhub, and contribute extensions to the API, including:

  • Transforming modules into API endpoints
  • Making the modules use the LORIS API for “core” services (candidate and time point creation, image data, instrument data)
  • Integration with back-end imaging pipelines by providing new endpoint for protocol validation, image insertion, and abstraction of admin-server interactions.

Skills/knowledge: HTTP, PHP, REST, PSR15, python, *OpenAPI 3.0 + Swagger. API development experience with header usage and content negotiation is a bonus.

Hi @crogers, I’m Shreya Srivastava, a research scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, I have pretty good experience in Rest APIs development using Django (Python) and Bioinformatics. I’m very much interested in the LORIS project and want to contribute to it this summer. I forked the project on GITHUB and gone through its codebase to understand the flow of APP.

It would be very helpful if you could enlighten me about requirement of API endpoint so that I can start building it.
Thanks a lot for your time.

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Hi Shreya,
Thanks for your interest.
An API endpoint in LORIS is typically used for downloading or uploading data to the database. We are adding API endpoints to handle more data types and features for LORIS, to match existing web-based functionality.
Here are some recent examples of API endpoints in progress on our GitHub:

Hi Shreya (@n3m3sis00 ) –
If you’re still interested in the project - and I’d definitely encourage you to submit a proposal – Could you email me your CV and a link to your Proposal draft before Sunday? Thanks, Christine