GSoC 2020 project idea 27: LORIS: Visualization

Intro: What is LORIS?

Mentor: Christine Rogers (

Aims: Work on browser-based visualization of time series neuroscience data with React and D3, e.g. electrophysiology signal or EEG

  • Integrate existing visualization utilities into LORIS’ EEG Browser module
  • Contribute visualization to an implementation of a large open-science project with global impact
  • Develop multi-modal overlay, for example showing electrode map coordinates on anatomical brain models.
  • Improve existing tools for open release

Skills: Javascript, React, D3 - experience with data visualization

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Hello @malin, and Christine!

I am Divyanshu Mahajan (GitHub profile) , an undergraduate student majoring in Electronics from BITS Pilani, India.

I am aspiring to participate in GSoC’20 through INCF. I have been working with JavaScript, NodeJs, CSS, git, and HTML for about two years. Along with that, I have a working knowledge of ReactJs and some plotting libraries (ChartJs). I am interested in this project idea and would like to contribute to the project. Could you please guide me as to where would be the best starting point for this project?

Thank you

Hello, I am a Data Science enthusiast with strong web development skills in React . I have started working on my skills with d3.js. I have mailed emailed. Hope to hear a reply soon. Very excited to work on this project! Please let me know how to proceed further and get started.

Hi Divyanshu - Sure, email your CV and project Proposal link to me and we can discuss further. Please don’t hesitate to consult the “Intro to LORIS” link in the post above for other important information about our project.

Hi Taimur, Thanks for your interest, I’ve responded to your email - Let me know if you have further questions.