GSoC 2020 project idea 26: LORIS: Candidate module

Intro: What is LORIS?

Mentor: Christine Rogers (

Aims: Enhance and improve the alpha Candidate module, making it flexible for data sharing project as well as recruiting studies.

For the web-dev developer, also involves design

  • Implement/generalize/update the Candidate module, combining the implementation used in IBIS/QPN projects for the LORIS core,
  • improving its interaction with other modules,
  • Supporting documentation which can include user guides
  • Improve UX / GUI and contribute to strategic roadmap planning
  • Some data visualization

Skills/knowledge : Javascript, React PHP, HTML5/CSS, general web-dev. Data visualization and/or UX experience is an asset

Hi everyone.
I am Aashim Garg from India. I want to contribute to this project.I have worked with HTML , CSS , JS , REACT. Please guide me from where to start my contribution.

What are the things that i should start working on

Hi Aashim,
Let’s keep in touch on how your LORIS installation is going.
Let me know by email if you have any specific questions as you progress.

Hii christine @crogers ,
the modules directory has these:

  • candidate_profile
  • candidate_list
  • candidate_parameters
    Do we need to improve all three of them or improvising only candidate_profile will suffice?

Hi Ridhish,
Check the Pull REquets in our LORIS repo – you’ll see the Candidate Module in progress there. It is neither of the 3 you mention there. Instead it is a new module that will unite a lot of the functionality from the candidate_profile and candidate_parameters modules in a new and user-friendly way.

Hey @crogers, can you please provide me the link to IBIS and QPN projects you have mentioned

Hi Ridhish, These are not publicly accessible projects due to research ethics and patient privacy. For the same reason, their code is not available either, outside of team members / collaborators who are committed to the project.
Access to these projects is an option only once someone has joined the LORIS team and been trained on the Loris core codebase (see, and only if required.
Thanks for your understanding.

hey @crogers i mailed you regarding my progress. Can you please have a look at it.

@crogers can we add integration of material-ui or reactstrap in extra deliverables? This will enhance UI a lot.

Ok aashim, replying by email.

Hi Ridhish - that’s not in our current roadmap for LORIS for a few reasons. Please don’t commit to it in your Proposal, but it’s an option for discussion though as a possible extension. thanks!

hey @crogers for the data modeling part, will it be taken form raisinbread or from an outside source…

Hi Ridhish - it’s safer to assume the available development/testing data will be Raisinbread or a dataset created for modelling (not real clinical data)

Ya, I’ve mentioned data will be from either RB or from an external source.
Uploaded my draft for candidate module