GSoC 2022 Project Idea 8.3: TVB Web page redesign (175/350 h)

TVB ( has become a complex tool, with a large web front-end. We have few very complex pages which could benefit from a redesign. One of such pages in the Simulator page. We expect from this project to first understand the current web design and logic of the application, then improve one or multiple pages in TVB through CSS/HTML.
The Virtual Brain: Screenshots

Expected results: A static HTML with CSS containing the new design, respecting TVB logic.

Skills: HTML, CSS

Mentors: Romina Baila @romina.baila , Lia Domide @liadomide, Paula Prodan @Popa_Paula

Tech keywords: HTML, CSS


Hey @malin. I want to work on this (Project Idea 8.3). Can you please point out the root directory for these HTML pages?

The page we are referring in this project is build from here:

starting from main_burst

The result is here:

So our page is build from the backend, from multiple fragments.
We will continue to do so (build it from the backend) but for the purpose of this project we only need an extensible and very clean static HTML to be able to break it later into server concatenated fragments.

Hey @liadomide I am quite interested to contribute in this project and would like to discuss more about it.
Is there any IRC Channel or Slack Channel for the project?

hey @SantamRC
We use Skype Join conversation

hi @liadomide I would like to contribute in this project. Could you please guide me through the process or tell what my first steps should be regarding this?

Hi @Advarsh,

I am happy to hear of your interest into this project!
The first steps would be to try understanding TVB application in general (what is needs to do, what are the main current pages).
It is in fact up to you how you do that:

In case you run into trouble, please feel free to join the Skype conversation Join conversation and ask questions.

Next steps would be to start working on a proposal document for the GSOC process. We strongly advice you to have that done iteratively, so that we can comment, ask questions, put suggestions…

I hope these help you a bit.

Have a great week,

Hi @liadomide,

I’m happy to see a project where my technical skills can benefit a lot to TVB.
As you mentioned, I spent time on reading documentation of TVB and also surfed TVB website to know important pages along with it’s code.

I rectified some bugs/errors also when surfing website related to UI enhancement. As I’m a Frontend developer, I would like to contribute in this project to make changes to some pages UI or to multipages in TVB.

As of know that I’ve surfed the website and code/documentation, I need to prepare a proposal document for GSOC process and to get in touch iteratively for comments, suggestions. Right?

Ignore any mistakes as this is my first open source contribution.

Have a great day,

Hi Aarya,

Thank you for your status update.

Yes, the next step would be to start working on your GSOC proposal. We would be happy to give feedback at any stage (better when not finished and still in progress) to guide you hopefully towards a good proposal.

Have a good day,

Hey @liadomide , I would like to work on this project. Please tell me where should I start?

Hi @Shailesh_Godghase,
We are happy to hear of your interest.
I propose you read a bit through TVB documentation, try the software, then dive into writing your GSOC proposal.

Have a great week,

hey @liadomide , thanks for replying
I want to set up this project locally. Can you please tell me how to do it?

Hello, everyone!
I researched the website and I have many ideas to upgrade that project! You don’t choose a developer yet? )
Do you want to use HTML and CSS only? Maybe we can change some interactive elements.
Hello @liadomide, do you have any ideas about the new design or we create the new interface in the internship?
And the last question, do We need to write the proposal to the GSOC, or before that, do we need to write some code? Do we need to write to the mentor before the GSoC proposal? TY for your answers

Hi @oldstud,

  • No, we haven’t chosen a developer for solving this task, yet. We will follow google timeline: wait for proposals, then evaluate them.
  • We were thinking that from the candidate it is enough to receive just a static HTML (with CSS) template, then we (TVB devs team) can fill the rest (dynamic elements, animations, actions) as a second step. But, in case you propose a different approach, we are open to find your suggestions and evaluate together.
  • the GUI improvements are to be developed during the GSOC dev period. But, for your proposal I strongly suggest to have at least few ideas. These ideas will be evaluated from the point of view of matching TVB existing functionality. As we mean to keep current TVB functions, just to present them better in the GUI (more clear workflow, better visible input text, etc).
  • you can accompany your gsoc proposal with some HTML draft for TVB (it will be a plus), but code in general is not required.
  • please share with us your proposal draft as soon as you have some chapters ready. We like to give early feedback.
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Hey @liadomide , I have created proposal draft. How can I share with you?

In case the proposal is a Google doc just share it with my account, Paula’s and Romina’s
Otherwise, email us at the above addresses.

I have shared the Google Doc with you, Please check. @liadomide

Hello Sir/ Ma’am,

I hope you’re having a wonderful day,

I am Kunal Nehra, a freshman in Computer Science and Engineering with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence from NSUT, Delhi, India.

I am very keen on contributing to this project of INCF:

TVB Web page redesign;

, and if given a chance I will work with utmost dedication.

I went through a lot of features on TVB’s official website and specially the simulator page. There I got to know about The Virtual Brain (TVB) takes a different approach and reduces complexity on the micro level to attain the macro organisation: a TVB model of a patient’s brain generates sufficiently accurate EEG, MEG, BOLD and SEEG signals by reducing the complexity millionfold through methods from statistical physics.
The technique which I like is the navigation of the website, which was very easy. We can improve UX and UI .
We can make the website look more attractive by using more better features of CSS and HTML.

My Coding Skills:

  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive designing and Wordpress.
  • Regular participant in competitive programming using C++.
  • Beginner in Python.
  • I have worked in all three: Windows, Linux and Mac environments.

I have built some interesting web applications like:

  • Weather search web app (tells live weather conditions of the city entered and has associated background theme for that weather).
  • A random Quote Generator (it generates a new random quote every time it is refreshed and its is linked to twitter handles).
  • The Hotel management website.
  • A simple bmi calculator (tells bmi corresponding to the height and weight).
  • A todo list and time management application (for enhancing my professional productivity).
  • Made a project for eCell (entrepreneur cell) society of my university .

and a few more …

If given a chance I can spend 25 hours or more on average a week on this project. I have good problem-solving skills and a quick learner who picks up things quickly and adapts to a new environment smoothly. After the GSoC period, I would like to continue my association with INCF and work along with other community members in fixing existing bugs, reviewing pull-requests and also guiding new contributors. I will surely attend any conference of the organisation if given a chance.

Thank you so much for your precious time.

Looking forward to connecting with the mentor of the project.

Kunal Nehra

Email :

GitHub : Kunal-Nehra · GitHub

Linkedin :

Hello, @liadomide @Popa_Paula
I’m a Front-end developer & I’m interested in this project. Please tell me where should I start ??