GSoC 2023 Project Idea 20.1 Impact visualization portal for global neuro-informatics community (175 h)

The International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility is an international non-profit organization with the mission to develop, evaluate, and endorse standards and best practices that embrace the principles of Open, FAIR, and Citable neuroscience. As an umbrella organization, INCF helps neuroscience and neuroinformatics researchers, labs and research partners around the globe with contextual resources. These resources help push forward the world of neuroscience and neuroinformatics and help save and improve lives of many around the world. Projects such as Alzheimer’s onset prediction, cancer cell detection through image processing, 3D mapping of brain, connectome development visualization projects, EEG data science are a very small subset of the kind of projects that INCF has helped complete in the recent past. Through this project idea, we are hoping to develop a complete end to end product that will visualize the impact that INCF has on the global neuroscience and informatics community. The dashboard will feature important metrics but not be limited to - research progress metrics, lives saved and impacted etc. Exact metrics to be developed jointly by student and mentor team.

● Contextualize impact in the domain of neuroinformatics
● Scalable database design for future portability
● User facing dashboard

Minimal set of deliverables
● Requirement specification - Prepared by the candidate after understanding the functionality.
● System Design - Detailed plan for development of the portal and test cases
● Implementation and testing - Details of implementation and testing of the platform.

Skill level: Intermediate

Required skills: Web development, Javascript or Django, Backend is language agnostic

Time commitment: Half-time (175 h)

Lead mentor: Arnab Banerjee (

Project website:

  1. INCF main website :
  2. INCF github : International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) · GitHub

Backup mentors: n/a

Tech keywords: Web, impact, neuroinformatics

Hello @arnab1896,
I am Anshuman, CSE-AI undergraduate student.
This project looks interesting, and it matches my preferred primary tech stack. I would like to contribute to this project; can you please tell me how I can begin contributing?

I’m Aritra Sinha, an undergrad student from NIT Surathkal, Karnataka, India. I have an experience of almost 3 years with Web Development with proficiency with frameworks like NodeJS, Django and Ruby on Rails using both SQL and NoSQL databases. I would love to work and contribute to this project. I have started going through the project details and the related issues that are mentioned. It would be great to get some guidance on how to proceed ahead.


My name is Atharva Purohit, and I am an undergraduate student from VIT, Pune, India. I came across your project, and I find it incredibly fascinating. I would love to contribute to the project since I have been working with the Django framework since my first year, and I consider myself quite proficient in it. I have also worked well on several web development projects, which has helped me develop my skills in Django.

I have started reviewing the project details and related issues mentioned on the project’s page. However, I would appreciate some guidance on how to proceed further. I am eager to learn and make meaningful contributions to the project.

Thank you for considering my interest in the project, and I look forward to hearing from you.

@Anshuman_Swain @Aritra_Sinha @Atharva_Purohit
Thanks a lot for showing interest. :slight_smile:

Please share your email ID so that I can invite you to a group call. I will be hosting a call in a few days and will make sure to invite all of you to share further details.

@arnab1896, thanks for the reply. My email ID is Looking forward to talk about the project and discuss a few ideas with you.

Sure Arnab, here is mine:

Hello @arnab1896 ,
I like the project idea, I am ready for the call here is the mail of mine

hey @arnab1896 ,I am Kartikay, undergrad from IIT Patna pursuing Btech, I have the relevant skills and want to contribute to this project, my email id is, interested
to contribute here

Hi my email id is

Hey @arnab1896 ,
I’m Ankur Raut, an undergrad student from VIT, Pune. I came across your project and it looks really interesting to me. I have worked on Django tech stack and have good hands on experience on them. I would love to contribute to this project. Here is my email:

Looking forward to get some guidance from you!

Thanks for your emails everyone. I will arrange the call between 20th to 23rd March.

While you wait for this call, wanted to set the right expectations about these two project ideas - 20.1 and 20.2. These two ideas are pretty nascent and depending on other factors (how many slots we get from Google, quality of proposals, other factors etc.) it may happen that we have to push these projects to next year. So, , in the meantime, request you to kindly explore all the other amazing project ideas of INCF as well. We have 30+ projects and most of the other ideas (apart from these two - 20.1 and 20.2) are being floated for our legacy (established) sub-org projects.

I have received offline emails on gmail from few of you and as an ex GSoC student, I can feel the passion and understand that many of you have a good skillset and curiosity and willingness to put effort on GSoC. That is why I highly recommend you to go through the other 30+ project ideas as well and in case you find some ideas that fit your interest and skillset, please do engage with the other mentors as well. Please remember, you can apply to more than one project in GSoC! That is not to say that I will not hold the video call next week - I will still do it, but reading the emails from many of you, I wanted to set the right expectations so that you do not wait around only for this project and then realize later that there are other ideas you could have submitted proposals for as well.

Hey @arnab1896, I’m also interested in this project. My email ID is

hey @arnab1896, I’m sayed a junior software enginer I came across this project and I found it interesting, I want to know more about it here is my email ID:

Hello, My name is Dinakar. I’m a final year student at NITC. I completely understood that there could be complications, just in case you conduct any video call, here’s my email id for you add me in as well:

Hello @arnab1896 , I am interested in the project idea and would like to go deeper into it. Here is my email id-

Hey @arnab1896 I have worked previously on developing and designing dashboards and I feel my tech stack will be useful for this project.
Github: Tusharbecoding (Tushar Chopra) · GitHub

Hey @arnab1896 is this project finalized?