How to get the modes/network of of AAL-116 atlas

Hi, Everyone,
I have a question, how can I get the whole chart of the modes of AAL-atlas 116, what I mean is, how do I know which region belong to which mode, like default mode network DMN or SM or Visual? Is there any way of source where I learn the what brain regions (116 regions) belongs to which mode/network?

Hi @Saqib_Mamoon,

The AAL atlas is an anatomical, not a functional, atlas. And the AAL nodes are large compared to the fine grained functional organization of cortex. So there’s not going to be a simple mapping between AAL region and functional network.

Both AAL and Schaefer2018 are available in Nilearn under the nilearn.datasets module, so you can use Nilearn to see what percentage of each AAL atlas region is occupied by different functional networks.


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Thanks a lot, @Steven