Introduce yourself!

Hello. I am a senior lecturer and researcher in knowledge based complex systems. I explore the convergence of different disciplines and in the last two three years the focus has been shifting towards neuroscience. I concern myself with knowledge representation, and have struggled to find adequate knowledge organisation. This resources looks FANTASTIC because you guys seem to have a good grasp of knowledge representation in neuroscience. Thanks a lot for this website, look forward to be learning and contributing


Hello! I am Ariel Rokem. I am a Data Scientist at the University of Washington eScience Institute, where I lead a research and development program focused on neuroinformatics. A lot of my work focuses on using diffusion MRI to assess the role of long-range connections between brain areas in healthy brain function. I am also interested in training and education in brain data science: I organize a summer school called NeuroHackademy and serve on the INCF training and education committee.


My name is Sreenu studying Bachelors of Technology in Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences in the field of Computer Science and engineering. I am currently interested in Brain Imaging and Processing, specifically with the data provided from fMRI scans of the brain, as it contains more functionality. I am working on early detection of Alzheimers disease which does not have a cure but early detection can prevent it from developing. By using a robust programming language such as Python I got information that we can do NeuroImaging and as a computer science student, I can take care of automation process such as classification of Alzheimer’s disease using DeepLearning techniques. It can also be very helpful in identifying Biomarkers of Alzheimers Disease. But I am new to this medical field where we need to deal with brain images various regions of the brain, the orthography of brain and etc…It would be very helpful for me if there is anyone who can help me kick start in this area of interest so it will be very helpful for me to continue in thsi path as a career.
Thank You


Hi everyone, I’m Adarsh Kumar an Undergrad Computer Science student at IIIT-Delhi, India. I’m a Deep Learning enthusiast and have experience of several Machine Learning/ Deep Learning projects. I’m fluent with Python, Java and also with Frameworks like TensorFlow and Keras. I love solving challenging problems and love to learn new things.
This year I wish to apply for GSoC in a project in which I can use and improve upon my Deep Learning and Machine Learning skills plus develop some new skills as well.
I’ve gone through previous year projects of INCF and also glanced at this year’s Project Ideas and am looking forward to contrubute to the Organisation and learn from others here.


Hi all!

I’m Ursula Tooley–I’m a Ph.D. candidate at UPenn working on the development of functional network architecture in early childhood. I’ve gotten sucked into preprocessing and methods (particularly with respect to motion, my favorite/least favorite topic) one too many times and now I browse Neurostars for fun :laughing:. I’m an avid user of OS neuroimaging tools like fMRIprep and a big fan of the community here!


Hello everyone,

My name is Mohammad Sherafati and I am a research scientist at the Department of Radiology of the Medical College of Wisconsin.

I am a physicist by training with expertise in materials physics and have recently switched my career to MRI research. I am learning through osmosis in this fantastic research field and thank all of you for establishing such useful forum of neuroscience practitioners. I learned about this forum when I was searching how to resample a NifTi image using Nibabel. In particular, the question and responses in the post titled " Nibabel - How can we rescale a 3d image" as well as excellent tutorials on Nibabel made a significant contribution into my understanding helped me implement the ideas to boost my research. Currently, I am working on a deep-learning based project to improve the outcomes of the quantitative susceptibility mappings of brain images.

I am excited to share ideas and learn from you and look forward to contribute to this forum.

Best regards,


Hello there,

I’m Mayukh Deb, an undergrad student at Amrita University, Kerala, India. I’m a deep learning enthusiast and have been busy making fun deep learning projects and learning more about it with each passing day. I’ve also had quite some experience in image processing, data wrangling and other interesting stuff like data augmentation, object detection models, etc.

I’ve always been fascinated with the application of deep learning in biology and medical sciences, and I recently built a deep neural network that derives medical inferences from ECG data. I spend most of my time with PyTorch, Numpy and Pandas. And most of my projects are on image datasets from kaggle.

I’m also a member of amFOSS, a student run community where we actively contribute to open source software and pursue our fields of interest. I’m looking forward to contribute to this organization and learn a ton of new things on the way.


Hi everyone, I’m James!

I’m a PhD student at the University of Iowa in the Health, Brain, and Cognition Lab. I became interested/involved in this open science/neuroimaging community by finding fmriprep and seeing it had almost everything I wanted in a pre-processing pipeline, except ICA-AROMA (You can read the story for my first pull requests to nipype and fmriprep). Instead of recreating the wheel of preprocessing for the umpteenth time, I was very excited to combine knowledge/effort towards fmriprep. The package maintainers were so patient with me and awesome in general; I decided to stick around and try to pay it forward.

My own work is centered around NiBetaSeries: a package to calculate single trial activations to make correlations or use however you would want in your analytical pipeline.

I’ve made contributions to multiple projects that I use in our lab’s research workflow (or I would like to use), my goal is to not recreate the wheel and help grow the current wheels out there.

See you in the forums!


Hello fellow (computational) neuroscientists! :wave: My name is Ilias Panagiotaras. I am currently a senior computer engineering student (Integrated 5-year Master’s degree) at National Technical University of Athens, Greece :man_student:

I believe that my most prominent skills and interests lie in the areas of artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience, as I love learning about new technologies that revolutionize the way we think about the human race and it’s future. Although I am extremely passionate about the advancements of hard sciences,I strongly stand up for the values in the studies of philosophy and ethics :man_judge:

In addition to the classes I am taking at the university, I enjoy challenging myself to expand my engineering knowledge by working on machine learning projects or having internships on relevant fields. See my GitHub profile for more :computer:

This year I wish to apply for #gsoc in a neuroscience-related project to develop new skills, as well as to improve my existing ones. I am particularly interested in Spiking Neural Networks-related projects, as this will be the central theme of my upcoming Diploma Thesis at my school! :brain:

See you all later!


Hello everyone!

I am Kanishk (GitHub profile), an undergraduate student from India majoring in Computer Science. I have interests inclined towards exploring interdisciplinary problems related to Deep Learning. I have been working with Python, PyTorch and OpenCV.

Originally, I intended to visit the site as an aspirant starting out for GSoC’20 but the vision of the community has completely altered my thought process. I would love to get involved and step into the field of neuroscience.

I’ll be looking forward to learning and contributing to this amazing community…



I am Jinxiao Zhang, a PhD student in the Department of Psychology at Stanford University. My research interest is to understand how emotional processes interface with cognitive processes in the brain. Examples are to use cognitive thinking to regulate emotions and the influence of emotion on decision making. I am interested to use tools like BIDS, MRIQC, and fMRIPrep to understand those questions. Neurostars discussions are always insprational and helpful to my research.

Looking forward to learning from and contributing to this forum.



Hi I am Salman khan from India, pursuing my 2nd year of graduation in Computer science field. Looking forward to learn and contribute to Incf.


Hello everyone!

I am Divyanshu Mahajan (GitHub profile), an undergraduate student majoring in Electronics from BITS Pilani, India.

I am aspiring to participate in GSoC’20 through INCF. I have been working with JavaScript, NodeJs, CSS, git, and HTML for about two years. I also have a working knowledge of ReactJs. My area of interest includes Web Development with a slight inclination towards front-end web development.

I’m excited to share different ideas and look forward to learning and contributing to this amazing community.



Hello everyone!

I am Aashim Garg (GitHub profile), an undergraduate student SMVDU, India.

I aim to participate in GSoC’20 through INCF. I have been working with HTML,CSS,JS,Git for past one year.
I want to work in INCF with full enthusiasm as a from end developer.



Hello Everyone Shashank this side been into the field of machine learning for about 2 years thereby looking to contribute to GSOC 2020 can someone guide me how to contribute to the organisation so as to participate in this organisation for GSOC


Hi, I’m Rob Wilson, I’m a psychiatrist and researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry in London. I’m interested in substance use disorders, psychosis and cannabinoids. I’m very fond of planet Earth and wildlife.

Does anyone know how you download the unthresholded maps from Neurovault? I have tried downloading, but they look thresholded.

May you live long and prosper!


Hi there, I’m Yijun Liu, currently a 2nd-year PhD student in Biomedical Imaging Group at University of Southern California. I’m now working on post-processing of diffusion weighted images and may also work on the analysis side later in the future.


Hi, I’m Deepti Mittal. I recently started working as a Data Manager for Heidelberg Pain consortium SFB 1158 Project ( at University clinic, Heidelberg, Germany. SFB 1158 includes a total of 34 Principal investigators who have teamed up to build this collaboration venture specifically aimed at understanding the neural pathways underlying pain.

I am working on data management strategies across SFB1158 in collaboration with computing centre at the moment. With our goal to adopt and establish modern data management and standardization practices within the consortium, I am exploring different research data management strategies, tools and data standards.


Hi !! I’m Younes,
I’m a students in a business school in Morocco.
I’started learning web development in 2016 (e-learning): HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.Js, RESTful, JQuery, XML, Axois, ES6, MongoDb, MySQL, R, Python (basics) & now i’m attacking React.
I developed some blogs, an E-commerce website & some static websites.
I like to improve my skills working with you!



Hello everybody,
My name is Kush Aggarwal and I am 3rd year student of Btech Information Technology.
I have been working on full stack web development (Python,ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS)and machine learning and would like work under INCF for GSOC this year