Manual/custom cortical seed for functional connectivity

HI all - hoping for some help finding a method that will work for something I want to do.

I have some vertex-wise cortical thickness and areal results that I would now like to use as seeds for a functional connectivity analysis. I have looked into CONN, AFNI, nilearn, and some other tools and I haven’t seen anything that has the exact functionality I’m looking for. Has anyone done a similar analysis or know of a paper or method that describes this?

Thanks in advance.


Could you adapt this tutorial? Seed-based connectivity on the surface - Nilearn


Yeah I had looked at that previously and it seemed close but I couldn’t quite see how to make it work for a non-atlas based seed region. Do you think it’s adaptable?

The disclaimer here is that, while I’ve gained a modicum of proficiency using python, I’m not super awesome at coding(though there are folks in our lab who are way good at coding who I could consult with).