Montreal AI & Neuroscience (MAIN) educational workshop - register to attend in-person or online!

On 9 & 10 December we have a two-day educational workshop as part of the Montreal AI & Neuroscience (MAIN) conference. It is in hybrid format so anyone can attend online (EST time)!We have an awesome program, covering:

:brain:neuroscience tools for AI (e.g. human fMRI with nilearn, human M/EEG with MNE-Python, Calcium imaging and electrophysiology in animals)
:robot:AI tools for neuroscientists (e.g. brain encoding & decoding, model selection with scikit-learn, and model training with pytorch)

As well as keynote talks ‘What’s the endgame of neuroAI?’ - Dr Patrick Mineault & ‘Aligning representations in brains and machines’ - Dr Elizabeth Dupre.

Sessions will be broadcast via crowdcast and we’ll use a discord server for questions and help from TAs. Online registration is $10. Check out the website for the program, and link to register!