Noise regression using python or Matlab

Hi, after many attempts to perform fmriprep properly, I finally did it.

below is what I want to do.

  • Regress noise from my preprocessed-data.(I know that I should make design matrix using confound_timeseries.tsv, I just want to perform this using python or matlab)

If you have any suggestion, please lemme know.

My research’s ultimate goal is to diagnosis whether subject could have disease or not using fMRI data.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Hi @dhwnsdyd21,

You can use Nilearn in python for this. See tutorials here: 8. Analyzing fMRI using GLMs - Nilearn . You can also see Nilearn has special modules for working with BIDS/fmriprep that will simplify your workflow: nilearn.interfaces: Loading components from interfaces - Nilearn