Open Fmri Working memory ds000115

Dear all,
Im currently working on a project that depends on some data i acquired from open fmri!

I’m trying to reanalyze n-back fMRI data ds000115 Working memory in healthy and schizophrenic individuals.
question concerns an event definition files which are located in the subject and task specific directories like: subxxx/model/model001/onsets/task00x_run001/.
For each task there are seven text files with the following names: cond001.txt up to cond007.txt.

As far as i understand the files are in the three columns fsl format: onset, duration, value.

I just cant understand how values (i mean the third column) are determined for cond003.txt.

Any idea on that?
Moreover… if there is a detailed explanation of the experiment…I’m searching and i still can’t find detailed explanation in the 2 papers referred there.

Thank you in advance,


Please use revision 2.0.0 of this dataset which is organized according to the Brain Imaging Data Structure. You can learn about the syntax for the events description at

thnx for the help dear friend…but the question remains…this is a sample of onsets of events in a 1-back task

i do understand the onset and duration while i dont understand the values 0.7142 and -0.28571… there are also small changes across subjects…thnx again!

do you have any idea whre they come from??


Hi Yiannis, I’ve emailed the dataset submitter about this. I’ll let you know when I hear back.


thank you joe!I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Hi Yiannis Gallos,

I am in the same situation as you were at that moment. Have you solved these issues?
How did you consider the events files? Here, , I saw that there are not 21 trials for each task block, there are less. But, here, for example, Raw data for Subjects 006-009 on AWS there are 7 conditions with different onsets. I don’t understand this difference between the same data set conditions.

Thank you in advance,