Openneuro (fmriprep) --> higher-level analysis using aws?



Hi All,

I wanted to see if anyone has had any success in running preprocessing (FMRIPREP) and QC checks (MRIQC) in Openneuro and then exporting the data via the aws s3 openneuro bucket into their own aws bucket to run additional task-based higher level analyses in aws?

I am having a hard time getting any neuropype pipelines to run via aws (using Amazon ec2 to set-up containers using the neurodockers) & my own s3 bucket.

Any advice or recommendations would be very much appreciated!


Hi @laurenbreithaupt, I feel like I’m basically trying to do the same thing you are describing in your question - and I’m not making much headway! I see no one responded to your question though. If you have an update or any tips you can share, I would really appreciate it! thanks!