Orientation of MNI152 2mm and Talairach Brains

I am trying to use FSL FLIRT for coregisteration and Spatial Normalization. After Spatially Normalizing my functional image, i tried to look at where the input voxel coordinates are mapped to Talairach Space. I noticed below:

Voxel (0,0,0) in Talairach is mapped to (-70.0, -102.0, -42.0)
Voxel(140,171,109), the last coordinate is mapped to (70.0, 69.0, 67.0)

Whereas in my functional image:

Voxel (0,0,0) in MNI mapped to (78.4, -125.53999999999999, 56.620000000000005) in Talairach
Voxel (90,108,90) in MNI mapped to (-80.0, 85.92, 99.2) in Talairach

It seems from above that x-axis in MNI is flipped, does it mean that Talairach and MNI brains are seen from different sides, one from front and other from back? I used the talairach.nii and mni2tal transform from here